Turf Blend

Texas Pure Turf Blend is a ready-to-use application for your turf areas or planting beds. This product is comprised of compost ultra and sand. Turf Blend provides nutrients, increases water-holding capacity and is equally suitable to level grade and fill hollows on lawns and parkway areas. This product requires no additional blending and may be adjusted as needed to meet specification requirements. 

Specifications Turf Blend is comprised of two elements.

  • Compost - Organic and OMRI Listed: Comprised entirely of herbaceous materials, containing no manures. Feedstock includes whole-tree grind (leaves, bark, branches, cambium layer); and yard trimmings include shrubs, palm fronds, leaves and grass. Ground feedstock is combined with organics (fruit, vegetables and breads) from groceries and markets. Windrow management finishes compost to meet the United States Composting Council STA testing requirements (weed and pathogen free), rich in organic matter and nutrients required by all plants for successful growth. Monthly sprout test ensures the compost is mature and capable of sustaining vigorous life.
  • Sand: Washed river sand screened to ¼-inch fine. Provides drainage and mix stability. 

Weight: Approximately 50 pounds per cubic foot 

Application and Installation

  • Spread a ½-2-inch layer evenly on lawns or sports fields to invigorate soils, increase lawn health and vitality while improving water-holding capacity. 


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