Texas Pure Compost is fully mature and OMRI listed, making it approved for use in the USDA Organics program. STA certified through the United States Compost Council (USCC) – weed and pathogen free. Nutrient-rich and perfectly homogenous, windrows are managed to create a brand you can rely on for quality and dependability. Comprised of herbaceous feedstock: yard trimmings, brush, and trees, combined with organics from grocery stores and markets. Texas Pure Compost contains no manures or persistent herbicides and is a nutrient-rich soil amendment building block for successful gardening.


Texas Pure Compost is screened to ½-inch fines allowing some wood particles to break up tight clay soils. Mature compost meets strict time and temperature requirements as set forth by the USCC and OMRI. Our compost is suited for all planting applications. 


Approximately 40 pounds per cubic foot 

Application and Installation

  • Mix compost with existing soil at a rate of 10 inches to new beds. Add 2 to 4 inches to previously amended beds for replanting
  • Use compost to prevent runoff and erosion, to build soil health, and to establish healthy disease-resistant landscape plantings. 
  • Work freely into all areas where planting is proposed. The water-holding capacity of the soil and the drought-tolerance of plants will be enhanced remarkably. 
  • Sustainable landscaping is achievable with liberal applications of compost, as needed.


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