Is there a charge for tree trimmings/yard waste drop off?


Residents of Allen, Frisco, McKinney, Plano and Richardson get 2 free drop-offs (visits) per calendar month at our Custer Road Retail Facility. If you exceed the two free drop-offs, the rate to drop-off is $20 per cubic yard ($60 minimum). Drop-offs reset each month and there is no carry forward for residents who don’t use their monthly drop-off allowance. Be sure to bring your current water bill or Texas driver's license.

These five member cities partner with Texas Pure Products in the Interlocal Agreement to handle yard waste and green waste tipping.

If you do not live in one of the five member cities, you can still bring your tree and yard trimmings; however, be aware, you will be charged $20 per cubic yard ($60 minimum) every visit.

Commercial Clients

If you are a tree trimmer, arborist, landscaper and lawn service, you can bring yard trimmings and grass clippings to us. Commercial clients always pay for tipping. Our current tipping fee $20 per cubic yard ($60 minimum).

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1. Is there a charge for tree trimmings/yard waste drop off?
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