Do I need to remove my old mulch before putting down fresh mulch in my flower beds?

No, nature has been working hard all year long using earthworms, beneficial bacteria and fungi to turn your old mulch into compost – the gold seal of excellence for any living plant. Old mulch quickly becomes, through nature’s natural breakdown process, the best food for anything you choose to plant. 

It's good to take a garden fork and stir up your old mulch so water and nutrients can easily travel through the old material to complete the conversion from much to compost. Water the bed well with a garden hose being sure to wet the old mulch. 

Top the area off with a fresh new layer of mulch in any variety you choose! Texas Pure makes a whole-tree grind 2-inch mulch in Native (fresh ground), aged (a few months old to give it a nice dark color), Dark Brown or Black (colored with an iron oxide to keep it natural – no paints or dyes). Please feel free to contact any of the Texas Pure team to answer questions you have about our various organic garden products. Happy Gardening!

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