How can I identify good compost from bad compost?

Good compost is mature compost. It’s ready for use when it is dark and crumbly with an earthy odor (like the forest floor). You will not see eggshells, leaves or acorns, or recognize any pieces of what the compost was before it aged. If the compost smells like manure or ammonia, or you recognize the original material that created it, then it is not ready for use yet. This immature compost robs nitrogen from the soil, causing plants to become yellow and stunted. Your plants are starving at this point! 

Mature compost provides a nutrient boost for your plants, aerating, holding moisture, feeding and improving soil structure. Compost attracts earthworms by offering them with a healthy diet. In return the earthworms leave behind nitrogen rich castings to feed your plants! Texas Pure Products Compost carries the Seal of Testing Assurance as Certified Compost by the U.S. Composting Council. Try it today!

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