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Nov 03

Prepare Your Plants for the Cold

Posted on November 3, 2017 at 12:16 PM by Wendy Jorgensen

Covered PlantsWeather in Texas can be unpredictable, so it’s never too early to start preparing your garden for sudden freezing temperatures. When a plant freezes, ice crystals may form inside the plant cells and prevent the movement of water in plants and can even rupture the cells, thus causing the plant to die. To prevent that, here are some ways you can protect your garden from the oncoming freeze.

First, if you have any potted plants that are not hardy enough to survive the cold, you should bring them inside for the night.

The easiest step you can take is to water the soil surrounding your plants the day before the potential freeze. This is because moist soil holds in heat better than dry soil. By keeping the soil moist, you are helping limit the effects of the extreme temperatures. 

A way to prevent frost from reaching your plants is by covering them with a bed sheet or blanket. This is best used on larger plants such as trees and shrubs. The cover should be draped and should reach the ground to insulate the heat coming from the soil. For the best results, create a frame or use stakes to prevent the cover from touching the foliage, as this will help the air circulate. Remember to remove the cover the following morning, you don’t want condensation to build up and damage the plant.

Providing the plant with a plastic frame, along with a light bulb, is ideal for sensitive plants like citrus trees. You can also wrap them in strings lights, which is both a festive and effective solution.

For plants that remain lower on the ground, you can simply place an extra layer of mulch around the plant to keep in insulated. For this, often people will use straw or leaves, but you can use regular wood mulch as well. For a variety of high-quality mulch to choose from, check out our Texas Pure Products Mulch Selection

Lastly, the smaller and more tender plants you have can be covered with an inverted pot or bucket. This keeps them warm and protects them from the wind. Just be sure to remove it first thing the next morning so your plants can get some much-needed sunshine.

We hope these tips and tricks keep your plants warm and happy all-season long! If you have any further questions, comment down below or give us a call.


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