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Dec 06

Enjoy a Live Christmas Tree This Year

Posted on December 6, 2019 at 10:49 AM by Kelly Macejewski

This year consider adding a living Christmas tree to your landscape in a conspicuous spot you can decorate each season with lights and outdoor ornaments. As they grow you will have an impressive holiday display and a beautiful evergreen tree every other day of the year. 
A few good choices for our area are:
  • Leland Cypress: Lovely Christmas tree shape without pruning and great soft green leaflets
Leland Cypress
  • Arizona Cypress: Lovely Christmas tree shape without pruning a pretty silvery green
Arizona Cypress
  • Italian Cypress: Very narrow columnar profile without pruning for tight spots
Italian Cypress
  • Holly Trees: Lovely Christmas Tree shapes without pruning. They have great dark green leaves and red berries. Choose regular sized Burford Holly, Nellie R Stevens Holly, Yaupon Holly or Oak Leaf Holly. All have lovely red berries in the season.
Holly Tree
Remember Fall and winter are the perfect time to plant a tree! Don’t plant too deep, break the root ball, dig a great big hole and fill it with water when you plant. Don’t forget the compost and mulch! We all wish you a wonderful Christmas and look forward to hearing from you! Merry Christmas from your friends at Texas Pure Products!


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