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Nov 01

Add Perennial Flower Bulbs to Your Garden!

Posted on November 1, 2019 at 4:46 PM by Kelly Macejewski

Try out the following bulbs in your garden to add some beauty and color:

Narcissus (Daffodils)
Narcissus are reliable bloomers available in  many colors and types. Some are fragrant, some are not. Check the Texas A&M extension website for varieties that do well in our area.

Grape Hyacinths (Muscari)
Grape Hyacinths
Beautiful, miniature sized, deep blue blooms are a wonderful companion with pansies. Spread gently each year and can be naturalized in an area where you do not mow.

Snowflake (Leucojum)
Summer Snowflake
One of the first bulbs to bloom in spring with dainty white parasol type flowers, similar to lily of the valley (lily of the valley will not grow in Texas as a perennial). They get thicker each year and are wonderfully fragrant. 

Irises come in a huge variety of colors and types. Do not overwater iris or risk losing the bulbs. Some are fragrant, others have no scent. Choose them when in bloom to get the color you most desire. They are lovely even when the flowers are finished blooming.

Day Lilies (Hemerocallis)
Day Lillies
Hemerocallis means Beauty for a Day. Each bloom lasts only one day but bloom profusely in early summer with dozens of buds on each plant. Day lilies come in a variety of color and types. These are tough garden plants. Do not overwater them or risk losing the bulbs. An old fashioned favorite is the ditch lily or tiger lily with is an eye-popping orange single bloom flower. You will get continuous blooms for several weeks in early summer and pretty green grassy mounds until winter.

Oxblood Lily (Rhodophiala bifida)
The Oxblood Lily is also known as school house lily. They usually start to bloom right around the time school starts. This Is a fall blooming, scarlet lily that goes dormant in summer. Each flower clump will bloom for up to one month. This is a necessity in a Texas garden.

Spider Lilies (Lycoris Radiata)
white beach spider lily
Spider Lilies are also known as hurricane lilies because they begin their fall blooming season during the height of hurricane season (September & October). These tall, stunning flowers bloom in white, red, pink and salmon colors. Their foliage develops in spring and summer disappearing when the flowers emerge in fall.

Naked Lady Lilies (Amaryllis Belladona)
naked lady lillies
These develop green, grassy growth in early spring and dies back in mid-summer with gorgeous pink flowers emerging in August. Very fragrant and beautiful while in bloom.

Just remember, don't over water bulbs or they will rot. 
Happy gardening from your friends at Texas Pure Products! 


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