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Jun 07

All About Succulents

Posted on June 7, 2019 at 3:58 PM by Kelly Macejewski

You’re going to love succulents!
Succulents are great plants that thrive indoors and out. They’re low maintenance, very tolerant  and incredibly unique. Succulents are great plants for beginners or those that have struggled to keep plants alive in the past. 

Why are succulents great plants?
Succulents are tolerant of all soil conditions which is great for new gardeners. These desert climate plants are also drought resistant and easy to root and grow. 

How should you pick a succulent?
Pick a succulent that is firmly rooted, and not limp or wilted looking. Their fleshy leaves should be firm, healthy and look lively. 

Should you repot your succulent after you purchase it?
You’ll most likely need to repot your succulent as they’re usually sold in tight growing containers. For table top sized succulents, they don’t need a pot much larger than what they’re sold in. They generally don’t require a lot of space for their roots. Just grab a cute pot, but make sure it has a drainage hole. For larger succulent type plants, such as a Century Plant, you should plant it in the ground. These larger plants will need much more space for their roots.

What soil should you plant your succulent in?
Although you’ll find specialty blends of potting soils for succulents, these are not necessary. Any potting soil that has good drainage will work great. We recommend using Texas Pure Products Powerful Potting Mix or the Texas Pure Products Lightweight Blend. Both of these products will do a wonderful job for your succulents. Top off your succulent with polished pebbles or stones for a rustic, desert look.

How often should you water your succulent?
Plan to water your succulents about once a month. Check to see if the soil is dry. If so, give it some water. If it’s moist, do not water it. The worst thing you can do for your succulent is over water it as you need to give them the opportunity to dry out. This is another reason it is Important for them to be planted in soil that drains well. 

What type of environment should you keep your succulents in?
Succulents can thrive both indoors and out. They need sun, though, so if you do not have a sunny window indoors, they’d be happier outdoors. They’re sun lovers, but they can do well with 4-6 hours of sunlight daily. Although most succulents are very tolerant of all climates, some are not cold tolerant, such as Aloe Vera. If you have a cold tender succulent, be sure to bring them inside during winter months. In Texas we recommend bringing plants inside from mid-November to April. During the winter they’ll only need 2-3 good waterings. Don’t over water succulents! Many new gardeners give their plants a little too much love from the watering can, and this can kill your succulent.

Interested in cold tolerant succulents? These three are easy to root:

Mouse Eared Sedum: It will grow 3-4 inches high and will spread or trail out of a pot. They’ll go dormant in the heat of summer, but will return in the fall and spring. Look for them to grow and bloom yellow flowers each spring! 
Mouse Eared Sedum plant

Lemon Ball Sedum: It will grow 4-6 inches tall blooming tiny yellow flowers much like the Mouse Eared Sedum. It grows in a round mound about as large as a dinner plate when mature. Lemon Ball Sedum plant

Autumn Joy Sedum: It will grow 2-3 feet tall. It’ll die down to the ground in the winter. Watch for it to return each spring and bloom in the fall. 
Autumn Joy Sedum plant

Do you have succulents already? Maybe now you will want one if not! Send us your pictures on our Texas Pure Facebook page. We’d love to see them! Be on the lookout for gardening classes coming this fall to Texas Pure Products. Let us know what topics you’d like us to cover! Happy Gardening from Texas Pure Products.

Grab some Powerful Potting Mix or Lightweight Blend for your succulents at our Custer Road Retail Store.
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