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Jan 05

Start the New Year with a New Garden

Posted on January 5, 2018 at 1:40 PM by Wendy Jorgensen

It’s a new year, which means an opportunity to start Boots and shovel prepping gardenfresh with new and exciting gardening projects! You might think it’s too early to start prepping your spring garden in the dead of winter, but the truth is that it is never too early. Here are a few things you can do to get ahead of the game and prepare your spring garden for future planting.

If you are creating a new garden or looking to expand, you should first pick a site for the garden spot. Choose a spot with plenty of space for the size you are projecting for your garden. Make sure it gets an adequate amount of sunshine during the day. Also keep in mind, how far access is to water and gardening tools.

Once you have finished plotting your new gardenSoil pH Testing or have cleaned out the one you already have, now is a good time to test the soil. You can buy an at-home soil testing kit at your local garden center or send a sample to Texas A&M AgriLife Extension (use the Urban Soil Submittal Form). The pH of soil in the Blackland Prairie Region where we reside is typically 8.3 which is very alkaline. Soil testing will tell you if any amendments need to be added to the soil to improve it. 

You can also begin prepping your soil around this time with compost. You want to dig down 6- to 12-inches deep and add your compost, as well as any leaves you may have accumulated and saved from the fall season. By doing this early in the winter, you are allowing a healthy ecosystem to cultivate over time so your soil will be rich in nutrients by the time you begin planting. Remember that good compost matters, and Texas Pure Products has high-quality compost to offer.

Lastly and most importantly, start deciding on what you 
Cherry Tomatoes
want to plant. What should andshouldnot be planted will be determined on the region you live in. For instance, Vegetables planted here should be chosen with tolerance to high pH. Tomatoes love a high pH so no problem there! Just be sure to get the right variety. For lists of particular varieties that do well here, visit the Collin County Master Gardeners website. Proper selection is critical or your gardening experience will not be a good one. Also, if you are new to gardening, you will want to consider starting out with plants that are not too difficult to grow and maintain. Do your research and keep notes! Know how much space, sun and water will be required for each plant to ensure it will flourish. 

Texas Pure Products wishes you the happiest New Year and the best of luck on your 2018 resolutions! We would like to know, what gardening projects are you planning for 2018? Leave us a comment down below or on our Facebook page!

Happy gardening!


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