Posted on: June 16, 2017

Herb Talk: Did You Know? by Linda Corbin, Herb Research Garden Coordinator

Every garden brings its own delight to its gardener. There are few plants capable of providing the sheer pleasure of herbs. The motto of the American Herb Society sums up what herbs are to today’s gardener — "For use and delight."  

The Herb Research Garden was started last year. If you have not volunteered in the Herb Garden or visited the garden, I encourage you to come see what is growing. The new annual herbs have been planted. Most of the perennial herbs have come back, though some were lost due to water issues, and have been replaced. The garden is coming to life.

Featured herb of the month is one you might not have heard of. It is a beautiful plant with green leaves with red venation. French Sorrel ‘Raspberry Dressing’ (Rumex sanguineus) is a hardy perennial with a lemon or raspberry vinaigrette flavor. This perennial survived our weather conditions in each quadrant of the research garden. This culinary herb can be grown in the garden, containers or among ornamentals for its striking leaf contrast. Growth habit is similar to that of spinach with a height of 6 to 12 inches. The herb is compact and tolerant of pests, cold, heat, wet and dry weather. It can be harvested year round. Fresh leaves add a delicious lemony taste to salads and can be used to flavor sauces or egg and fish dishes.

Visit the garden and see this featured herb along with other “useful” herbs.

The Herb Society of America’s "Essential Guide: Cooking and Growing with Herbs" by Katherine Schlosser
"Southern Herb Growing" by Hill & Barclay with Hardy

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